Offensive language
Users are strongly encouraged to avoid language which may be offensive to other users.
This includes but is not necessarily limited to: profanity, racism, religious discrimination, explicit
or excessive sexual references, and inappropriate references to illegal drugs and their use.
Accounts with offensive usernames are also forbidden.

Users can receive one warning. If user still continue using offensive language may receive a ban.

User pictures are subject to moderation. Inappropriate user pictures include pictures:
  • Sexual content
  • Containing swear words
  • Any kind of racism
  • Harassing other users
  • The administration reserves rights to change inappropriate user pictures even when not falling under any of the above categories.

    If user refuse to change picture when is this requested by staff, administration will be forced to change picture and ban user up to 48 hours.

    In the chat, news comments or other publicly accessible locations, excessive use of any language besides English is not allowed.
    Censoring inappropriate language, e.g. replacing vowels with symbols, does not necessarily make it more permissible and should be avoided.
    Other languages can be used in Personal Messages or other private places.

    Harassment, trolling, or otherwise pestering a user is not allowed. Bans will be issued if valid proof is present.
    Trolling is the same as harassment and not allowed.

    Posting sexual content, swear words, racism posts is not allowed.
    Harassing other players and/or staff is not allowed
    Ignoring staff is also against the rules. Do not forget that.
    Spamming, excessive use of BBCode, in chat is not permissible.

    Account Responsibility
  • Account sharing is forbidden
  • Account Buying / Selling / Trading / Giving Away is forbidden
  • Account limits: 2 (two) accounts (one alternative account allowed)
  • Alt accounts will get deleted and main account will be banned. 7 days for each additional alt or alt that is not registered properly.
  • Using your friend as target just to get PvP points or nation points or anything similar counts as having alt.
  • Intentionally getting attacked is against the rules.
  • Depending on severity of having more than 1 account administrators can edit main account stats
  • Bots / Reload scripts are not allowed
  • Impersonating staff is forbidden
  • Asking administrators for changing users data (stats, in-game money, abilities, username...) is not allowed
  • Asking for staff position is not allowed
  • Glitching is forbidden
  • Inquiring about how to glitch is forbidden
  • Inquiring about how to hack is forbidden
  • Threatening to hack the site is forbidden
  • Withholding information about a glitch is forbidden
  • As it would go without saying, exploiting faults in the code and hacking game is strictly forbidden.
  • Any kind of advertising is forbidden. (links to other games, online shops, posting referral links in chats...)
  • Accounts that reach certain point of inactivity (negative active points for too long, never logged in accounts,...) are deleted.
  • Witholding leader position (being nation leader and not being active so players can not challenge you) leads to losing your leader position. Administrators will take it away from you.

  • Case-by-case interpretations of the rules are within the jurisdiction of the moderating staff and are not set in stone.
    Scenarios and consequences include, but are not limited to, those listed above.
    If you disagree with a moderator's handling of a situation, alert a head moderator or administrator;
    it is not and never will be an excuse for inappropriate conduct or rudeness on your part.
    Ban length depends on severity of action.
    Stats changing is one of punishments.

    Rules can be changed at any time.
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